Steel Vengeance "Call Off the Dogs - The Remasters" now available on ITUNES!

"Steel Vengeance" was formed in the early 80s by Guitarist / Producer Michael Wickstrom and is in the hard rock and heavy metal genre similar to Judas Priest and Iron Maiden. The band has had numerous accolades throughout the 80’s such as beating out KISS, Twisted Sister, and various other bands for the highly-coveted “Album of the Month” from France’s Enfer Magazine and numerous other magazine awards and heavy European radio play.

The band's follow-up release "Second Offense" scored lots of acclaim as did their third release "Prisoners". In the 90s the band had a line-up change and relocated to Los Angeles and released their fourth "Never Lettin' Go" and fifth album "Live Among the Dead".

Metal Mind Productions and Psychedelic Records have re-mastered and re-released the band's first three albums.

Founding member Michael Wickstrom
Steel Vengeance "Call Off The Dogs: The Remasters"
now available on ITUNES!

"Steel Vengeance" - 80's line-up

(left to right - Michael Wickstrom, Scott Carlson, Andy Anderson, Bob Lindstrom, Steve Cavalier)

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1983 - 2020 Steel Vengence
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